Bounce Factory - The BIG Birthday Bonanza!, West Midlands, Birmingham, 3rd March 2017

 Goodgreef Xtra Hard pres Underground Institution, Northumberland, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 3rd March 2017

Ongoing site update.

 After moving hosts due to plenty of server issues we have decided to make the site live before adding additional content. This is so our listeners can tune in and keep an eye on our progress. Feel free to send us any feedback.


Main Channel taken offline to update our autodj program. All other channels still up and Scouse has taken the main page for the moment.


Finally after switching hosts and ensuring backups were working as well as our second site we are in a position to keep moving forward. The separate channel pages are being developed (linked to tunein at the moment) along with a 'dj only' page. Lots of exciting stuff planned.


Main station player has been omitted from pages due to programming issues with the site background. Links are still available in menu for all channels via tunein.


External tunein links have been added for our extra channels until the pages have been developed.

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  • MashedUp Radio, the home of multi-genre DJ and amateur producer, 'ForgedHalo'

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